Anime Ink encourages all lovers of cosplay to come in your favorite character costumes and strut your stuff! All skill levels are welcome to register for the cosplay competition on Saturday June 15th! Whether you may have ordered your new Sailor Moon fuku or if you stayed up all night to create your saiyan armor WE WANT TO SEE YOUR AMAZING COSTUME! To that end, we’re hosting a cosplay competition on Saturday, June 15 at 6 PM!

The competition will be judged by our wonderful guests - Neptune, Erica Fett, and Lua Stardust! Learn more about our guests here!

 Some rules -

  • Please keep costumes PG, PG13. Anime Ink is an all ages show!

  • Functional firearms are prohibited (this includes paintball, airsoft, bb guns, cap guns, and any gun that shoots a real projectile or explosion).

  • Realistic firearms and explosives are prohibited.

  • Prop weapons made of a hard material such as metal are prohibited.

You can find and fill out the registration form at the Information table.
Registration will be from 12-5 PM and the cosplay judging will begin at 6 PM at the main stage.
Cosplay contestant lineup for the competition will begin at 5:30 by the main stage.

Cosplay Competition Categories include:

Best in Show
Best Male Cosplay
Best Female Cosplay
Best Group Cosplay

Prizes are sponsored by the wonderful Funimation!