About Anime Ink


What is Anime Ink?

Anime Ink 2019 is a convention to celebrate Anime or Otaku culture and the expression of that culture through body art. Tattoos have become more accessible than ever, because of that, artists and clients have been able to freely express interests, stories, and personality through this art form.

Conventions have been staples for both Anime and Tattoo culture, so what better way to celebrate both than to bring the two together. Anime Ink will be the first convention held that focuses on these two visual mediums together.

Anime Ink 2019 will be held June 14-16, at the Greater Richmond Convention Center, known for hosting various conventions, including both anime and tattoo conventions!

Looking for a room? We’ve got a deal with a hotel 1 block away from the convention!
The hotel is the Richmond Marriott Downtown, The special rates end May 23rd!
The special rates for convention attendees are as follows:

Single and double rooms are at a rate of $149 a night
Triple and quadruple rooms are at a rate of $159 a night


Artists are currently signing up and reserving booths. Interested in being here as an artist? Click here to learn more!

Interested in being an attendee? Please stay tuned, tickets will go on sale soon!

join us in celebrating the love
of Otaku culture through tattoos.